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An Inquiry into Reality

02nd Mar 2013Philosophy, Reality

With Google on the verge of releasing it’s Google Glass the line between reality and virtual reality is being blurred. Augmented reality now lies between real reality and virtual reality in the spectrum of realities.

Google Glasses super imposes relevant data onto whatever the viewer is seeing. For instance if you are looking at the sky it might show you the weather, or if you are looking at some products it might display meta data relevant to that product.

Ingress is a game that has an augmented reality component to it. You play it by navigating to virtual portals that are usually located at popular landmarks. There are portals for instance near the Mississauga library, City Hall and the Living Arts Center.

Only when you get there you are able to participate in the game. I was reading some of the chat logs between players and one player really stood out. His name is Honda (because he drives a Honda) and when ever one of his teams portals was being hacked he would be the first to rush and defend it. He takes this game very seriously. As a result he earned a lot of ridicule even from his fellow players.

Note: I too drive a Honda but I am not Honda, I fell in mud a couple of months ago trying to find a portal and that was it for me.  But i digress,  Honda has interwove the Ingress reality with what many of us would consider the real reality and he expends a considerable amount of resources to flourish in this new reality of his.

Currently Ingress is played on smart phones but it will be one of the first games to take advantage of Google Glass. Now imagine Honda’s daily routine waking up and going to work with his Google Glasses. In addition to his weather, news and social data he sees  portals, and exotic matter further immersing him into this new reality. Ingress is played by millions of players around the world and it is only going to get bigger. For a certain subset of humanity their reality is going to include portals and exotic matter.

This is what really got me curious about reality and having a deep understanding of it I believe will help Obsidian Delta anticipate new technology opportunities.

Never Set The Tiger Free!

021st Feb 2013Misc,

So I was feeling a little down because I had a sore back and so I decided to go to Wasabi Grand Buffet for lunch to cheer myself up. Well the food was great but  I still felt a little down. On the way out of the restaurant I picked up a fortune cookie and I said to myself let me go to a quiet place and open up the fortune cookie. Perhaps there might be some pearl of wisdom that will make me feel better and put things into perspective. So I proceed to my car where I will be able to reflect and meditate on this wisdom I am about to receive.   With great anticipation and expectation I opened the fortune cookie. I got the lucky number side first, and then I flipped over the slip to reveal my fortune, it read “Never set the tiger free if you live in the mountain”.  WTF!


UPDATE (Sept 17,  2013) : Found this dandy on YouTube