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Day 2: Reality Sinks In

03rd Mar 2016Uncategorized

The exuberance and the enthusiasm has diminished after day 1 but I am on a mission to promote Corporate Social Synergy and 1Click1Life. I received some really good suggestions from a friend which I really think will help a food drive that we are working on … will keep you posted.

Day 1: Campaign Kick Off

02nd Mar 2016Uncategorized

This is day one of my mission to promote 1Click1Life which facilitates corporate social synergy. I found myself picking up garbage in the middle of a snow storm. I asked for courage and strength to see this through… little did I know that I would have needed it on the first day. Anyway, proud of my self for getting through the first day.


014th Aug 2015Uncategorized

My first original composition!

When Innocence Is Lost

02nd Apr 2014Uncategorized

At the 5:24 – 5:28 mark of the 1997 movie When Innocence Is Lost, you will see Gandhi (me) walk by followed by Keri Russell


You can scroll to to the 5:24 mark above or just click here

I did’t realize that  Nicole de Boer was also in the scene… she would go on to be in my all time favorite show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Life Is Beautiful

029th Mar 2014Uncategorized

Wise Up! Carry the Chihuahua Not the Handbag

012th Feb 2014Uncategorized

If a woman gives you a choice between holding her handbag or her Chihuahua , pick the Chihuahua!

Tattooing whipped on your forehead and walking around with your pants down will attract less attention than a man carrying a handbag. Take a look at what this fine gentleman did when faced with the handbag scenario:

Now carrying a Chihuahua on the other hand says that you are a caring, fun loving individual … and besides when you are carrying a Chihuahua other women come and pet your Chihuahua … I love double entendres!

When I chose the Chihuahua I kid you not I heard the Society for Uncompromising Men clapping in my head and I had to turnaround to see if they were actually there.

The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut

010th Sep 2013Uncategorized

I just had to blog about this video, it has brought so much joy in my life. Hope you enjoy it too