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I found my Tuna, O Fortuna!


018th Jan 2014Health

Out of all the tuna species, Albacore is the most abundant, and even they are on the WWF near threatened list. However other species such as Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna are even worse off with Bluefin being put on the endangered status list by WWF. Skipjack however is listed as “Least Concern” by WWF.  Now if one must eat tuna, we as consumers can make some smart choices. Here is the 2013 Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking from Greenpeace.  On top is the  Raincoast Traading  and coming in second place is Wild Planet Foods Inc. If I had a choice I would get Wild Planet Food Inc’s Skipjack (light tuna), and listen to Carmina Burana O’Fortuna while I eat my tuna sandwich… because it is tasty and depressing at the same time




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Naturally Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels

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017th Jan 2014Health, ,

Growth hormone is naturally produced by your pituitary gland and is responsible for building muscle, keeping your skin elastic, burning fat … among other things. As we age our levels of GH drops dramatically:

Declien in daily production of growth hormone with age.

Now there are injections that one can take, however it is always preferable to do it naturally. Please check out some of the resources below, but here is a summary of what I have learn’t so far in terms of what to do to keep your GH levels high:

  1. Strength train
  2. Sleep (around 8 hours)
  3. Ensure your diet has the right amino Acids
    1. Glycine
    2. Ornighine
    3. Arginine
    4. Lysine

The above amino acids are the most important, however there are some other notable mentions such as Glutamine, GABA and OKG. These amino acids comprise most of the ingredients found in over the counter GH boosters. However based on my primarily research you don’t necessarily have to turn to these products to boost your GH levels as long as you have a balanced diet that consistently gets sufficient quantities of protein. Having said this Dr. OZ suggests supplementation of the above mentioned amino acids (Glycine, Ornighine, Arginine and Lysine).


Growth Hormone: Amino Acids as GH Secretagogues (Great article with primary sources as references)

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