Wise Up! Carry the Chihuahua Not the Handbag

012th Feb 2014Uncategorized

If a woman gives you a choice between holding her handbag or her Chihuahua , pick the Chihuahua!

Tattooing whipped on your forehead and walking around with your pants down will attract less attention than a man carrying a handbag. Take a look at what this fine gentleman did when faced with the handbag scenario:

Now carrying a Chihuahua on the other hand says that you are a caring, fun loving individual … and besides when you are carrying a Chihuahua other women come and pet your Chihuahua … I love double entendres!

When I chose the Chihuahua I kid you not I heard the Society for Uncompromising Men clapping in my head and I had to turnaround to see if they were actually there.